SVT Holm on the project reinforced neighbor

SVT's reporter Anna Beijron saluted the Olle Frisk, one of the village Reinforced fellows, and looked at the village's own collected emergency equipment.

Tonight on TV 1 18:33 (longer report) and 19:55 to broadcast a report from Holm on the project reinforced neighbor. The project has been in Holm ago 2014 the first village in the country where volunteers are alerted of traffic accidents, brand, drowning and cardiac arrest. Subsequently, several villages in Medelpad connected and now there are plans for the emergency services to expand the project, so that you can receive alerts on places other than their own if you happen to be nearby.

In the report visiting reporter Anna Beijron Olle Frisk, who was the initiator of the collection of heart starter in Anundgård. There, they look at it and the other emergency equipment to the compound Holm Appliance Development prepared set of villagers in the event of an accident in the area. Along with Olle Frisk also interviewed Niklas Wikholm, among other things talks about the recent drowning alarm at Sandnäset.

Are you interested in reading more about the project, what to do in case of accident or express your interest to participate as a fellow human being reinforced, read more here: / acute

Vill du stödja föreningen , that maintain emergency equipment and work for village development. Sign up here today!

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Jesper Eliasson – New revue star from Sunnansjö

Jesper as suburban guy “Nils”. Photo: ST.

Jesper started with theater by chance a few years ago. Now he flourishes like the new revue star and a success on stage in Sundsvall.

Holm-goers feel mostly Jesper Eliasson from the grassy scene Holm Vallen home in the village. Football shoes have been the scene of shoes and then last fall, he rehearsed with Sundsvall City Revue. Now Jesper started to find its feet and flourishing as the new revue star in the New Year revue Eftersnack in Concert Theater. Performances can still and they will continue until 3 February.

Read more about Jesper Eliasson's theater career in Sundsvall Tidning:
12/1 -19:
20/11 -18:

Nyspårat in Anundgårdsspåret

Christmas Eve honor to notify you that lit trail at Holm Vallen now nyspårat and hoist mobile. Take the opportunity to take a refreshing turn before Santa comes! Electric light is also turned on (f.n. around the clock). Österström The track, however, will take some time before it's arm end p.g.a. and fallen trees and branches snowy.

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Merry Christmas from Holm district's Development!