Music video from Holm Jessica and Rocky

This weekend releases Jessica Falk with her daughter Rocky their new single Make a Change. The music video was filmed in Holm vicinity and contains many beautiful views from the neighborhood.

The song was recorded in favor of the Brain Injury Association Hjärnkraft in order to raise awareness in society about children and young people with acquired brain injuries and to study brain fatigue.

Watch the video above and read more in the press release on .

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Ingegerd won delicacy basket in up raffle!

We Holm district's Development, HBU, would like to thank all our members for the year 2017. After a recruitment campaign we increased from about 60 to 100 Members which demonstrates a commitment to our district and even an economic contribution to our business.

We promised a prize draw among our paying members and we had the 8 December pleasure to hand a delicacy basket to a happy and grateful Ingegerd Sjolander in Vike. Congratulations!

Want to become also become a member or take the opportunity to renew your membership 2018, read more here

HBU would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
Board HBU

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Andreas Sahlin and Thomas Mehlin doing theater

In the days and until the 14 July unfolds theater set the People's House in Erikslund and Andreas Sahlin from Train Mountain stands for music with his band. Many are the Holmbor who lodges, Sandnäset or other festive occasions have taken note of the musical talents of the little village Mountain Drive produced. Both the old man Orjan “Room” Sahlin, and son Andreas, rarely left the event in areas without a complacent audience. Today, Andreas current with the band in a summer.

Andreas nearest squire Thomas Melin from Indal also plays in the band and has also written the script for the set Desert Lord, which is a musical theater of set Kabaré. Together they represent a history of emigration to the United States from the 1800s depicted with humor, heating and music. Daily News today experiences that might be shared even by today's emigrants, that instead of going away, comes to Sweden.

On stage plays no less than 35 people, except functionaries. Today, the notion of stock, but there are still days left to book for those who would like to to experience the spectacle.

The band Domino Majestic can be found at , or .

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Svenolov lights his charcoal kiln today!

Today is one of the better picnic travel destinations Kväcklingssjön in Holm at 14:00. There are namely Sven Olovs ready to ignite Medelpads and perhaps Sweden's only ready to start charcoal kiln! It was last year that the old and wise Sven Olov Ytterbom from Östbyn started with his project – To make your own charcoal kiln. Now, it is finally finished and Sven-Olov has moved out to the forest hut to guard when it puts the lighthouse today. An excellent destination for day. Bring your picnic basket, meet Svenolov and get a taste of history.

made sooner to produce charcoal wrought cures. By an oxygen deficient combustion of wood, enclosed by including spruce and ground coal is formed. The trick is to keep a moderate combustion, so that Milan does not catch fire and go up in smoke. Something that happened at a similar attempt a few years ago in Sula.

Find Kväcklingssjön
Turn up the Lillsjön in Östbyn. Then pass Lillsjön few kilometers, so you can find the kiln we Kväcklingssjöns turnaround.

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